How we Work?

Envisioning Based on an initial project description provided by the client, LEADERSWeb provides an approximate estimate of the cost and time required to do the work.

Our project manager closely communicates with the client to elaborate a comprehensive and detailed project concept. Based on that concept he creates a prototype and a Functional Specification (FS). Client also participates by providing feedback and comments that are incorporated into the prototype and FS. When the prototype is approved by the client, a final project estimate is made.

At this stage solution coding starts. Project manager continues to communicate with the client to clear up all details and reports on the project progress. He also supervises and coordinates work on graphic design and testing for the solution.

At this stage solution is deployed on client’s servers and is placed into operation. Client actively participates in acceptance of the solution.
About Leaders Web

Postproduction support and development

If your solution requires further enhancement or development at any time during operation, our specialists will be able to assist you. You can choose from many support options that we offer the one that suits you better.

Why Us?

Effective communication
Our project managers fully understand the importance of seamless communication for the success of the project. Their working hours are shifted to cover most of the working day in UAE. They are very responsive and are willing to discuss project details with you to match your expectations 100%.

Unlike many software development companies we do not disperse our efforts across all services. We specialize in web development. Our specialists are truly professional in what they do and can successfully develop the most sophisticated and challenging web projects.

Commitment to quality
We are committed to quality and constantly work on improving it. We use the best industry standards in project management, development and testing.

Protection of your intellectual property
We have a strong copyright protection policy. We do not sell the source codes to 3rd parties. All works that we do for our clients are considered to be “work made for hire” and belong to our clients.


We are trained, equipped and customer friendly and We have a process that takes us from your inquiry to your finished product and beyond:

•  We conduct a Needs Analysis. We ask questions and pay attention to the answers.   We want to understand your audience and your competition.

•  We identify any backend programming needs.

•  We generate a quotation, identifying your website requirements.

•  We begin your project when both requirements and costs have been approved by you.

•  We offer a choice of designs, including suggested content, for your approval.

•  When the final design has been approved, we begin application of our Quality Assurance program. We finalize graphic design, integrate content, and perform   browser, platform and content checks. Then we conduct bug checks and broken   links checks.

•  We're flexible: We recognize that project objectives sometimes change after the   initial project development stage. We're with you all the way.

•  When your website complies with project objectives and has passed all Quality   Assurance checks, we get your final approval and upload to the server.

•  We launch your website.

•  Then, we stand behind our product to insure your satisfaction.

•  We offer continued contract or fee-based technical, maintenance, management and   hosting support as well as search engine registration and promotion.

The following is a list of technologies that we use to develop your website. They are things that we have to think about, and that you never need to worry about, because we know how to use them. They are among the many reasons to choose LEADERS Web. Here goes:

Internet Programming Languages
ASP, ASP.NET, VB.Net, C#, PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, Python, CGI, JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, ActiveScript (Flash)

HTML, XML, DHTML, OLE/COM, ActiveX, DCOM, COM+, COM.NET, Corba, WAP, J2EE, SQL, ADO, ADO.Net, ADOCE, ADOX, .Net Compact Framework

MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2, Sybase, Paradox, InterBase, LotusNotes, DBase, FoxPro, FoxBase, Clarion

Web Servers
MS Internet Information Server (MS IIS), Apache, WebSphere, Tomcat Apache, Jrun

Graphics Tools
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Image Ready
Adobe Flash CS3
3D Studio Max
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw

Operating Systems
MS DOS, MS Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Linux, FreeBSD, Unix

These technologies help us deliver on our promise of a browser-friendly and computer-friendly website. They are technologies that make your website easy to use with pages that open quickly, download readily, and that don't test the patience of the visitor.

These technologies, through smart application, add interest and fun to your website. Your site is bright, up-to-the-minute, and quick. Visitors want to stay. You gave them good reason.

LEADERSWEB websites are versatile and compatible. Your website visitor's computers don't have to solve mysteries to open your pages.